Little Bear at 19 months

I have wanted to write a little diary for LB to look back on when he is older and feel awful (mamma guilt) that is has taken 20 months for me to start documenting all those things he did. This month in particular I feel he changed and grew so much that there was so much to write about I couldn’t miss this opportunity.

LB’s 19th month just so happened to coincide with a month off work. The family I work for had a two-week holiday, following which we had a two-week holiday to Toronto (wahoo). Whether it was because I was able to throw myself into motherhood without the distractions of work or he was going to have this leap anyway. Either way it was amazing to see him learn how to master his little body this month.

To LB,

the 19th month of your crazy life has been amazing. You seem to be learning new words each and every day many of which we cant help but make you repeat over and over again. The way when you say bird you stick your little tongue out, when you tell us about the birds that tweet tweet you make little motions with your hands too. How you became obsessed with your lift the flap books that we would read them one after the other, that we could start the sentence on a page and you would finish it (Julia Donaldson, we love you). You loved to kiss certain pages of the books, the doggy and duck especially. Your obsession with balls became even bigger (taking you to a Blue Jays game was a massive highlight for Mamma and Pappa) your ability to catch a ball makes us all cheer, watching you throw a ball one way whilst looking in the other direction always made us chuckle. Watching your relationship grow with Auntie Holly and Claire warmed our hearts so much as we worried how it would be living so far away from them. Pappa Croft, I’m sure was particularly happy with how you warmed to Benji Doggy, as it was another point for the case into us getting a dog one day!!

Your amazing aunties and Benji
Your amazing aunties and Benji

You have become so much more in control of your body this month, definitely attempting some sort of running, and your climbing; oh my! You tried to climb the kithen cupboards which I watched in awe and horror all at the same time!

You love bubbles and pulling your little crocodile all about the house. Your bedtime bunny is still one of your best friends and you take great pleasure in giving it the most kisses every day (even more than Mamma and Pappa but we don’t hold that against you!)

I think so much is going off in your little head that it takes you quite a while to nod off at bedtime despite you being in bed for 7.15 you can sometimes not be asleep till 8.30! You love to chatter to yourself (or maybe you’re telling your bunny all about your day) whatever it may be, we love to listen to you on the monitor as you show us how happy your are in your own company.

Your relationship with the boys at work has changed into a new stage it seems. It appears for all the changes you went through in the month off work, the boys see you as one of them rather than a little baby and you’re playing together warms my heart. After the many struggles it feels I have gone through taking you to work, it seems to be paying off finally (why now when we only have 8 weeks left?!) We’re definitely seeing you start to play ‘with’ other children a whole lot more, recognising those friends you see often and even starting to say their names.

Oh my, you three monkeys keep me on my toes!
Oh my, you three monkeys keep me on my toes!

You finally started this month to point to Mamma’s tummy when we asked where the baby was. It even got a few kisses and cuddles. This made us so happy. Your affection has really started growing this month, with your cuddles becoming so much more (how you rub our backs and say ahh when you cuddle) and how you give us special kisses (only when you want mind, god forbid we ask for a kiss and you’re not willing!)

Little Bear, we are loving see you change into the little toddler who knows their own mind and isn’t afraid to show us. We cant wait to see what you’re going to do next, and rather excitedly we cant wait to see how you are with your younger brother/sister when they arrive.

Mamma Croft now vows to keep up a diary month by month of those little things you do and how you change. You’ve made us into a little family and for that we are forever thankful xx