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11th july 2015

And so it begins…

So this Mamma Croft has a very (very) rare weekend away. Two whole nights away from the boys; time to contemplate life and all around me, and more importantly to start thinking about what I shall blog about.

To start on my journey I feel I need to start with explaining who I am. I am a 30 year old married Mamma to one 20 month old sprog, and another due in the near distant future. I have been a nanny for 10 years, which I believe has shaped the Mamma I am today. I felt I want to share my story about how having that tiny insight to impending motherhood has affected how we have done things with sprog one, and continuing through for sprog two.

Now I by no means believe there is one right way to parent. Heck, we all do what we can to get by to the end of the day with all sprogs intact. These are just my musings into what worked and didn’t work for us. I’ll be including things that have helped us along the way, activities we’ve done, amazing places to visit in Sheffield, recipes that I’ve stumbled upon for that ever frantic teatime worry (anyone else feel they get stuck in a rut?) and just our general day to day potterings.

I feel very lucky with the life I have, we have our struggles and trials but at the end of the day we have a healthy, happy little boy and a Pappa Croft that cant do enough for us. I’ve been very lucky to be able to go back to work part-time in a job where I can take the boy with me. Although this has been incredibly tough at times (three boys under three!) I wouldn’t have changed it for a minute. Being able to see Little Bear grow up with these two ‘surrogate’ brothers will have helped shape him into the little man he is today.

Please be gentle with me, this is just for my sheer enjoyment and a way of documenting Little Bear’s life.  Feedback and comments greatly received!!

My entire world
My entire world

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