Coming to terms…

when the bump was waaay smaller!
when the bump was waaay smaller!

So last week we got the news that this little bump is definitely facing the wrong way. To say it was a blow is putting it mildly. I was so looking forward to actually going into labour. I’m sure that sounds a strange concept to some, but as Logan went two weeks over, I was induced, he got stuck and ended up being an emergency caesarean. I was actually looking forward to experiencing the whole build up (naturally, not with drugs being pumped in) and truly wanted to give it a go. It wasn’t just that it would be a caesarean this time, it means that as this is my second that any subsequent children we may have will have to be caesarean too. I feel like my choice has just been taken away from me. Cried lots of tears over this.

But I have to look on the bright side. Our little baby will be born next week, and we know the exact day (rather strange!) We can make sure Logan is looked after, make sure we have food and supplies in place for exactly the right time, and we’ll know this is our last weekend as a little family of three. We can go and make some amazing memories together before we get caught up in the whirlwind of milk and nappies again! Bring on the weekend, I can’t chuffing wait!

these two for the whole weekend...perfect!
these two for the whole weekend…perfect!

 Ps, to those of you that know the day please keep it quiet!!


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