A last weekend as three…

Just how much can you squeeze into one weekend? An awful lot it seems if you put your ass into it!! This weekend has been full to the brim, making lots of memories to take with us as we head into a family of four. We’ve been all over the place, got lots of organising/nesting done, had some amazing sleepy snuggles and even had a lovely contractions Vs Braxton Hicks scare.

Last Saturday morning lie in as three. Yep, dada is very good at sleeping through cBeebies!

Our weekends aren’t complete without a trip to a coffee shop at some point, so ours started off with a trip to Nero while the car got valeted. Loving how Logan just set himself up playing on the wet floor in the doorway, sod everyone else!

Its all good if I play here right mamma?
Its all good if I play here right mamma?IMG_3874

Then off to the Mini Climbing Works. If you live in Sheffield and have kids, then this is a must at some point! Can’t say Logan did all that much climbing…lots of spinning round and jumping on the mats, but he had fun nonetheless. We did manage to persuade a bit of climbing by putting his ‘Grandpa’ duplo figure on one of the holds and encouraged him to climb and get it. He loved it!

I’m spinning around…


Home for a snooze then the afternoon was spent at the gorgeous Longshaw Estate. Thanks to all the rain there was plenty of opportunity for puddle jumping, a definite favourite pastime. We even made it to feed the ducks.

This is what puddle jumping with a gob full of cake looks like!
This is what puddle jumping with a gob full of cake looks like!




Love this little happy face


Sunday morning in our house is always swimming time. Felt quite tearful (hormonal) that it would be the last time I’d be taking Logan swimming for a few months. Membership only suspended though, so don’t worry Little Bear, mamma will be back to splash you soon!

To end our weekend we took Logan to see the nee-naws at the emergency museum. My God the boy was in his element, he literally didn’t know which one to sit on first. Getting to ride on one as well; well his face was a picture! Back home for tea, bath and bed. Poor Little Bear seems to be getting a good old cold now as well, think that’s going to be the icing on the cake next week…well, if we’re up with one we may as well be up with two! Bring on the chaos!



ending the day helping dada clean out the 'babbits'
ending the day helping dada clean out the ‘babbits’

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