Mum Muscles….

Never underestimate the power of mum muscles. Firstly they carry around an unborn baby

First time I’ve ever broadcast this picture…be nice

and all that comes with it (3 stone in my case!!) for 9 chuffing months. Then they birth that baby in whatever way they can…there’s a heck load of strong muscles there. However, the everyday mum muscles, I feel get rather forgotten about…

  • The ability to push a buggy across a road one handed whilst holding/dragging/rugby balling a screaming toddler who has chosen that crossing the road is the exact perfect moment to have a meltdown!
  • The ability to carry a baby, and a toddler who is refusing to come downstairs for breakfast, whilst perhaps also finger hooking dirty nappy sacks and old bottles of milk.
  • The ability to carry the baby, a load of washing and whichever toys the toddler deems ABSOLUTELY NESESSARY down stairs just because it’s easier than getting into a blooming argument.
  • The ability to swing a baby into a back carry in one fell swoop.

    The only way to get tea cooked sometimes
  • The ability to push a swing higher, higher, higher for all of eternity!

    Oh how was he ever so little?!
  • The ability to swing a toddler onto the toilet at the speed of light, one handed whilst holding the baby in the other arm
  • The ability to do the bounce/rock/jig motion for hours on end to get the baby to sleep.
  • The ability to hold said sleeping baby until the absolute opportune moment of deep sleep where lactic acid has built up so much you can’t even feel your arms any more, to then transfer that sleeping bundle into the crib (for it to then wake screaming 15 minutes later!)
  • The ability to push the buggy, AND carry the toddler AND chuffing scooter that he deemed absolutely necessary for the trip which he went on for all of 0.5 seconds before getting bored.
  • The ability to hold a squatting child till your thigh muscles start to shake whilst they back one out behind a bush in the only park that doesn’t have a toilet.

Mum muscles are chuffing awesome, don’t ever forget that!!

Mum and dad muscles combined!!

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