20 Facts About Me…

So I’ve been tagged by the gorgeous Vix from Another Mum in London to give 20 facts about me…here goes…

1) I’m a southerner living “ooop north’ I grew up in Kent (Greater London) and left to go to university in Sheffield. I fell in love with the city (and my husband) and that was it. It’s the place I’m proud to call home, and the place my children were born and will grow up.

2) I’ve been a nanny for 10 years. I can’t quite believe it’s been that long! In that time I have cared for 23 different children from newborn right up to the 10 year olds that still have me back in the holidays!

3) I’m always cold. Maybe it’s the whole southerner up north thing…it’s definitely colder up here though. Living in an old house doesn’t help; our gas bill is often through the roof!

4) I have been baby obsessed my ENTIRE life!!

5) I studied Early Childcare studies at university. My husband likes to think all we did was colouring in but there was waaaaay more than that…(erm…drinking??)

6) I met my husband at university. We lived right next door to each other in halls. Some may say it’s fate…others may say it’s laziness!! Either way, he’s put up with me for 13 years now and he’s a bloody saint!

2006…we’ve not changed that much, right???!?!

7) We got married at Chatsworth! Well, we married at the church in Edensor then the reception was at Chatsworth. It all seems like a distant dream, many sleepless nights ago, but it was an amazing (if very, very wet) day!


8) I have two children Logan (2) and Molly (1) they’re my absolute world…I love spending time with them (and daddy) more than anything else. They make me laugh all day long, and just fill my heart fit to bursting with love.

9) I am sewing obsessed! I’m always thinking of new patterns in my head, and my poor children have to be the guinea pigs!!

10) I set up my own business in July of this year. I launched Bear&Babe after the push from lots of loved ones around me. It’s exhausting but going from strength to strength and I’m super proud of what we’ve achieved so far. My husband is a massive help and the driving force behind the company, he’s bloody amazing!

11) Bear&Babe is named after my children: Logan (Always called Logie Bear…sometimes Logie Bogie), and Molly: the Babe. I don’t know what I’d do if we have any more sprogs!

12) I love running but it has massively gone on the back burner lately (cant think why?!) I completed the Sheffield half marathon for the third time in April this year. We love to take the sprogs down to the park run on Saturday mornings. (a buggy each…it’s always a fight as to who has the heavier child!)


13) Gravy…I bloody love gravy!! And it has to be the awful instant Bisto stuff too! The thicker the better

14) And butter…those that know me know my obsession with butter. It has to be real salted butter. Anything else wont do…and lashings of it!

15) I’m 32…I think

16) I’m the biggest wimp…I WILL NOT watch anything remotely scary. If I do I will be freaked out for months after!

17) I once touched Robbie Williams’ hand!

18) We LOVE Canada. My sister in law and her partner (and now their gorgeous twins) live out there, and we adore going to visit. Logan has been twice already and Molly once. My children are more travelled now, than I was at 20!!

19) I’d love to say I have a cool favourite film, but in all honesty I think it has to be Toy Story.

20) I was obsessed with Hanson growing up and I know all the words to MmmBop (runs and hides in shame…)



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