Four weeks as four…

check out those leg rolls and chubby cheeks!

So here it is…we’re four weeks in as a little family of four. The next chapter of our lives is well and truly underway. Little Molly came into the world on the 16th September at 3pm weighing a healthy 8lb5. The planned section went amazingly. The team at Jessops were brilliant; it was such a relaxed delivery, despite Molly refusing to breathe properly for the first few minutes. Being in control of things so much more than Logan’s emergency section made such a difference.

those very first snuggles, still on the operating table


I never want to forget Logan meeting Molly (which at first I can’t say he was all the bothered about, he was more fussed about eating his honey sandwich and watching the nee naws!) but near the end of his visit he gave Molly a few tentative tickles, which melted my heart. When we came home the next evening – just in time to put him to bed – his little face was so excited to see us. Then when he saw Molly his excited little “baby” and pointing to her was enough to make me break down in wonderfully happy tears.

The next few days passed in a bit of a blur with lots of snuggly skin to skin with the little lady in a hope to get to grips with feeding, while Pete took Logan on copious of trips out. We did all make it to the park for a very quick ice cream when Molly was three days old. The fresh air felt good after being indoors for three days, even if it was only brief.

IMG_4094 IMG_4071 IMG_4095 IMG_4297

those first days of skin to skin, taking time to just stop and soak her in

Over the next few weeks we had a brilliant time in our little bubble. Having daddy off work for nearly three weeks was the best thing ever. I got to take it super easy and recovered so much faster than I did with Logan. We had so much fun taking trips to the Climbing Works, going to parks and playgroups, and having lots and lots of wonderful visitors.

just to add to the mayhem Logan fell on some glass in the park resulting in a trip to A&E and a few days in this lovely bandage!
So impressed with this dude doing the park run when Molly was only three days old!

IMG_4334 IMG_4199 IMG_4308 IMG_4417

IMG_4214 IMG_4378

This little lady feels well and truly a part of our family. Logan is so gentle with her. He kisses her goodnight whenever she goes for a nap, and will go over and see her whenever she’s laid on the floor. She also gets force fed cups of tea and whatever little snack he may be eating! I have to keep my eyes peeled, as he loves sharing with her!

cup of tea Molly?
The reality of the morning feed with a big brother who can’t sit close enough! Squiiish!

IMG_4548 IMG_4164 IMG_4159

Like Logan she’s a sleepy little sausage, which made feeding a nightmare for the first few weeks. Thankfully as she’s got bigger she’s started being awake a bit more in the day and has started chunking on weight. We’re onto just one feed in the night now at about 2.30am after a feed when we go to bed about 10.30pm. I’m not complaining, but will be very happy when my sleep isn’t broken!  She’s settled into a lovely little routine, which for me means I get two hours sprog free time in the afternoon where they’re both asleep, and in the evening Molly is asleep for 7 and Logan is in bed for 7.30.

IMG_4546 IMG_4107

We have another tummy sleeper. Without our Angelcare monitor I’d never have allowed it.

We’ve done a week and a half with daddy back at work as well, and so far we’ve had a brilliant time. I’m loving this autumn we’ve been having; it’s been so warm that we’ve been down at the park nearly every day making the most of it. I’m feeling euphoric not being pregnant. It feels so nice to be able to run round with Logan and not be lugging round that ridiculous extra weight.  We’ve also successfully done our first solo bath time/bedtime as Pete worked late last night.  Both bubbas down on time; winning!

The weather’s been nice enough to do painting in the garden

IMG_4422 IMG_4425

So there goes; first month done. I can’t wait to see what the next few months have in store for us, as she gets bigger. I can’t wait to see her playing with Logan, and sat up at the table eating with us all. I’m not wishing the days away though, for the time being I’m happy soaking up all the newborn cuddles that I can.

Truly loving watching the relationship grow between these two. Logan is just so gentle and loving towards her. Can’t wait to see them growing up together.

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