Little Bear turns two…

Amazing neenaw cake courtesy of Nanna Croft

Ok, when did that happen? I know I’ve been caught up in a sea of newborn milk and nappies. But when did you get so big? I find it so hard to believe you’re two. When I go and see you fast asleep, still snoozing in a cot, all snuggled in your sleeping bag with your Bunny tucked under you and your bum in the air, you look just like that little 6 month old baby from what felt like yesterday. Maybe you’re too big to be in there but who cares Bear, for the time being you’re so happy there we’re not about to change. I’m sure you’ll let us know when you’re ready for a big bed (or we’ll hear the bang when you climb out!)

You love to just sit and look through your books. Cant say I enjoy putting the hundreds of them back though!

You’ve accomplished so much in your two years of life. At the moment one of your favourite things is to ‘scoot, scoot, scoot’ (said in a French accent for some reason) to the park. You’ve become a little speed demon on that thing, I spend the entire time apologising to people as you nearly (or actually) crash into them. Damn child, you need to learn how to steer!


IMG_4698We’re loving how your conversation skills are coming along leaps and bounds. Your little ‘wow, amazing’ has us in stitches every time. I love that we can explain what’s happening now and you respond with your little ‘ok’. It’s really cut back on those delightful tantrums! You love to say bye-bye to everything which makes us chuckle. When we drive past the park you have say bye-bye to every piece of equipment. We still haven’t worked out what you mean when you say ‘bye-bye up’ and ‘bye-bye down’ but I’m sure you know.

I love how when she’s in the sling and I pick you up too you kiss and stroke her head

Your love for ‘bebe Moy-yeee’ is seriously so damn cute. You love to include her in all your games (mainly bounce Moy-yeee) and make sure she eats a bit of everything you’re eating. If she’s crying you now go over to her and stroke her little head. I’m loving seeing your relationship grow and I’m hoping you two will grow up to be the best of friends.

You’re loving vehicles and things that move more and more. Neenaws especially; the sheer joy on your face as one flies past. Airplanes; they’re another love. You can spot one so far in the distance it’s literally a dot in the sky. Oh, and God forbid we forget cranes! I think you actually know where they’re all situated as we drive into town now!

You’re still not bored of building towers!!

As a typical two year old, you don’t sit still. You will run, jump, spin and most hilariously gallop your way around. You’re becoming a complete monkey now, taking great joy in swinging from things, oh, and climbing the massive (a good 15 feet high) climbing frame.

Maybe just don’t ask!!

Now you most definitely have your moments, but I’m loving that you’re generally a chilled little dude. Please don’t become a buggar now you’re two…if you hear whispers in the playground about terrible twos, just ignore them ok?! Oh, and that thing about dropping naps…that’s a myth too…all the cool kids nap till they’re 7, got that?!



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