Sometimes you drive me nuts…

Sometimes you drive me nuts dear boy

When you refuse to be polite

You refuse to say ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘thank you’

We’ve come to loggerheads over this

I’m afraid I wont give in though Bear

It’s a battle of wills and this is one I’m not prepared to give in to

Even if I have to walk away screaming inside

Emptying the cupboards…always helpful!

Sometimes you drive me nuts dear boy

When you won’t stop singing in bed at night

If you just went to sleep we’d all feel better,

Counting to ten, Bear, it doesn’t matter

Head, shoulders, knees and toes is the song of the week

Just lay down your sleepy head and all will be alright

Always with that ass in the air!

Sometimes you drive me nuts dear boy

When you whinge at me and say ‘nooooo’

In that annoying way you do

I’ll keep reminding you it’s “no thank you”

And slowly, slowly you’re remembering

Now “no thank you mamma” makes me smile from ear to ear

Rabbit always gets the best kisses

Sometimes you drive me nuts dear boy

When you have a meltdown because we’re going the wrong way on our walk

I’m sorry Bear but a grumpy child won’t phase me

Sometimes you have to do things you don’t want

Or go in a direction you don’t want to

That’s life kiddo

Throw your scooter down in disgust as we’re going the ‘wrong way’ oh and then have a 10 minute paddy!

You may think I’m being hard on you Bear

But truly it’s for the best

I’m trying to help shape you into a kind, courteous little dude

Sometimes it takes everything I’ve got to not give in and let you have your way

But what will that teach you?

Damn that cute little face of yours!


Even though you drive me completely crazy sometimes

You’ll never stop having my love

Its because I love you I make you do these things

You’ll get there Bear

Kisses and cuddles after make it all worthwhile


I love you in spite of the madness

And the fact you’re driving me slowly insane

We have so much fun playing together

I want you to stay this small forever

In two years we’ll be going through it all again!

And now we’ve got another sprog

Oh crap

Cheers to making it through another day

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