How the chuff do you juggle everything…?

So Bear&Babe is taking off. It’s wonderful…it’s amazing…I’m working for myself and hopefully going in the right direction. But I’m still in the predicament of having to nanny as well. It’s just exhausting. How are you meant to get everything done? What do you let go of (well…if you saw my house at the moment, it would be clear to see that any sort of cleaning is at the bottom of the list!) Some days I work from 8.30am till 8.30pm nannying, then come home and get cracking making orders. I have to say, if you don’t love what you do, you wouldn’t do it and I’m so extremely grateful for everyone that keeps me so busy! The teething babe keeps me up at night, but then they’re both up at the crack of arse to start the day. I sit in bed, giving Molly her first bottle, then out comes the laptop to get promotions up. Even when I’m not nannying, there’s the constant ‘mum life’ going on, the washing, the feeding, the shopping, the playing. And the poor husband…thankfully he’s got his phone and sky sports to stop him feeling too neglected!!

When I became a mother, all I dreamt was that I’d be at home looking after the sprogs. However, things don’t always work out the way you imagined, and I had to go to work. It’s fine, I love nannying, and I was so lucky to take Logan with me in my last job. However, the need to work has given me the push to start my own company. I want to be able to see more of the spogs, but also do something for myself at the same time. I’m working my ass off now so that hopefully in the (near) future I’ll be working for myself, fitting it all around the tiny humans.

Having your own business is so full of extreme highs and lows. The highs of registering the company, the rush of orders coming in (we seriously celebrate every one) then the realisation that you’re working till 1am to get orders done, the fear that no one will like your product, the worry that you’re not good enough, that anxiety that once you’ve posted it off it’s no longer in your hands. This is followed by an extreme high when you get messages from customers saying how much they love your items, the photos of happy babes wearing your clothes, fabulous reviews and repeat orders!

What I didn’t bargain for was how even when you’re not physically doing something, your brain is constantly thinking of something to do with the company. I design each pattern myself, I’m constantly thinking up new designs we could do, constantly searching for the perfect fabric…what about seasons, and different holidays that come up? There’s always something that needs doing; accounts, new designs to get up for sale, getting the perfect photo of products, promoting your products…sometimes the thought of it makes my stomach drop.

It’s hard not to panic sometimes and just chuck it all in. Fear of failing can be so overwhelming…but it’s getting over that and forcing yourself into the great unknown. Push yourself to do something that is completely out of your comfort zone. I’m not a business woman and I massively lack confidence. Starting this business has made me realise I can do a hell of a lot more than I thought. There are times I have to square my shoulders, swallow a lump in my throat and go and walk up to a shop owner looking like I’ve got my shit together, and ask them to stock my items. Thankfully, they can’t see how much I’m sweating…oh, and taking the sprogs with you is a massive distraction!

I can’t explain how grateful we are for each and every customer that supports us and I hope Bear&Babe just keeps growing. We have so many more ideas up our sleeves, and we’d bloody love you to join us on our journey!




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